Dr. Alen Gordon

Alen E. Gordon, MD
Office J
4700 Sheridan St.
Hollywood Florida 33021
FAX 305-675-0162
E-MAIL aegordon@msn.com

Annette Gordon

In Jan. 2013 the Florida legislature passed a new no-fault automobile insurance law. The single most important provision of the new law is you must go to a healthcare facility within 14 days. Within 14 days you can go to a Doctor's office, a hospital or an emergency care facility. If you wait until 15 days your automobile insurance will pay nothing.

The second most important part of Florida’s new no-fault law is the requirement that you get an Emergency Medical Determination. Not all Doctors are allowed to perform Emergency Medical Determinations. Dr. Gordon has had a long career in this field and has performed over 1500 Emergency Medical Determinations.

If you do not have a Doctor to give you treatment, call Dr. Gordon. Tell him where you live and he will recommend a Doctor near you . Dr. Gordon will do the Emergency Medical Determination and you will be off to a really good start and have the very best chance of returning to good health and feeliing better.

Dr. Gordon’s office is easy to get to. Start on I-95. In Hollywood get off at Sheridan St. Go west. Count the traffic lights as you drive west. When you get to the 5th traffic light you are at 46th Ave. On the left is Wells Fargo bank. Make a left turn. We are next to the bank.

The offices are ABCDE.

Find office J and you are there.

This form is to get emergency medical determinations in your office.

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EMD In Your Office

Next is how to fill out the form.

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Sample Form

This next form is to get an emergency medical determination in Dr. Gordon's office. Tuesday or Friday 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

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EMD In Dr Gordon Office

The next form is to give the patient after you make an appointment in our office. Please tell your patient the offices in our building are lettered ABCDE through Z. Our office is J for Jennifer. Outside our office it says URBIS.

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Patient Appointment Card